Google Earth VS Second Life for Real estate

Notice: for those of you who just in the latest times got in touch with this blog I work for Gabetti, one of the biggest Real Estate companies here in Italy and I produced and managed its world renowed Second Life project; so this post might be kinda influenced, but this is MY blog isn’t it? :-)

Today I got in touch with a post (in Italian) that (re)launched Google Earth (and its latest web browser plugin) as the mantra tool for real estate: it’s 3D, it renders the buildings (sort of), it lets you plan and build whaterver building you like. And it’s been kinda crrrrepy experience: yes it makes you seamlessy move in a 3D space but the overall experience really lacks of all that magic I got acquainted in Second Life.

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Speaking at Enterprise 2.0 Forum

Update: the organizers published the (Italian) video of my talk (just click on the “Gabetti” green button to jump directly to my speech). Don’t forget to take a look at the Q&A session too.
@emanuele: it’s kinda a pity there’s no embeddable version of the video available.

On the 3rd of June I’ll have the pleasure to participate at the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 (registrartion is free and is linked here) in Milan superbly organized by the 2.0 guys at OpenKnowledge.

I’ll take part in a round table in the HR & Organization 2.0 session dedicated to “how we’ll run our organizations 10 years from now” together with Roberto Battaglia (Intesa San Paolo bank) and Marco Lotito (TIM Italy) where I’ll showcase the results of a wiki-based project I created at Gabetti.

Here’s the content of my talk

I’ll be hanging at the event since the early morning, just drop me a line (matteo [AT] lineagialla [DOT] com) if you like to share experiences or just have a talk.

Myrsine Island now open

In the nearly couple of month since my last post a lot of tasks of my professional life have reached their place in the cosmical karma.

Myrsine island at dawn

One of these is the release of the Myrsine Island on Second Life: a perfect replica made by Electric Sheep Company of a residence Gabetti is building on the Island of Sardinia (and that will be ready in 2010).
You can take a look at the product site or take the whole tour at the buildings in Second Life. The choice is yours.

This is a complete new experiment in SL for the Gabetti Group: we’re starting using the metavers not for metaverse’s sake but for RL business stuff; Myrsine island will be used by the Group agencies devoted to its commercialization as a tool to showcase the apartments to potential clients and – at the same time – it’s going to be a tool for foreigners to take a visit to the apartments, before buying, before leaving their countries.

On the island you’ll find a Manfrotto (who’s one of the top tripod producers all over the world) where you can get for free a machinima-o-maker hud to create videos in SL; machinema making has never been so easy! (see a video made with the machinima HUD on YouTube)

Just a bit of info for the moment. And I still owe Leeander a post about his latest innovation disruptive project: Open Spime.