When frog delivers at scale, and helps IKEA to blast the home automation market.

When it comes to the internet of things, sometimes it’s just better to nail it down. I have not worked at this program and still I have loved any part of it: the pitch preparation, the execution, and – most of all – the outcomes.

Super proud of frog, of Maja Gruzinsky, J F Grossen, Layla Tamarek, Niels Wolf, Kevin Cannon, Kalle, the frog and Aricent teams.

I joined frog because I wanted to see shit delivered to market. You people delivered.


How to push your talent to land a job at frog

I was really happy today to take part as a jury member and beer drinker in our portfolio slam event in Munich where we gathered more than 60 designers coming from all other the world (Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, South Korea, Italy and Germany just to mention the people I directly mentored).

They were there to show their portfolio. Get some suggestions on how to make it more effective. And potentially land a job at frog.

It was fun, inspiring and it also gave me some very good hints to share with my soon to be on the job market gurlz: Chiara and Alessia.

Focus on your center of passion.

P.S. Very well done Lisa Pesak

A visit at the Porsche factory, taking a glimpse of the future of Human/Robots collaboration

Today I was at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. Where they build the 911 and the and the 718. Not really where the Porsche legend started, but surely when it started to have roots.

I was humbled by the craftsmanship of the workers and the continuous optimization of the assembling process.

And most of all I have seen, for the first time in my life, the sci-di stories I used to read as a kid becoming reality: robots and humans working together. Not in a basic man/machine relationship, but as colleagues. As co-workers.


P.S. Unfortunately they took all the cameras and phones before entering the plant. So no photos this round. But blessing memories.