November. In the air.


If I take a look at the places I hit in November, I’m impressed by the amount of travel I can take on my shoulders, without really experiencing none of those cities.

My recipe for discovery is a mix of running, restaurants and getting lost walking around. But this recipe needs time to be executed, and it’s not always possible.

And I’m now spending so few time in Milan, that I’m becoming a stranger to my own city.

I still enjoy the magics of flying. That moment where my body knows the wheels are about to go up. The clouds. The tip of the mountains that are now full of snow, below me.

December won’t be very different. Then I’ll rest. Maybe.

See you around.

Frontiers Health 2018

Frontiers health matteo penzo

Matteo Penzo introducing Frontiers Health 2018

Back from three days in Berlin for Frontiers Health, we kicked off the new vertical three years ago and it’s now become one of the premiere events in Europe, with speakers and public coming globally from research institutions, venture and equity funds, startups and scaleups, hospitals, physicians, professional coaches and patients.

So excited also to see the great work done by Roberto and the Healthware team in setting up the conference and the speaker roster.

Me proud. See you next year with more new products from Frontiers Conferences.

Becoming Milanese

Milano skyline from a rooftop

Milano skyline from a rooftop

It’s official. I now spent the majority of my life here. You always had a special fascination on me. Cannot describe it.

You were the big town for the village kid. But even now that I travel the world, Milano, you remain the everchanging City that continuously reinvents itself.

I love looking at you by night. The (new) skyline. The parks. The cars. You’re the perfect guest at any rooftop party.

Grazie, Milano.