A trend for 2013: our relationships with our smart phones gets more physical

Update 12/13/2012: this was republished on Co.DESIGN

In 2013, the combination of 20-nanometer processors (ARM, Intel, and Apple are planning launches for Q2/Q3) and 4G Networks becoming available in most countries will alter how we use our smart phones.

Higher computational power, reduced energy consumption, and faster data communication in our hands will accelerate the development of biometric applications, such as the authentication of the eye or fingerprints through a hand-held device’s camera. This will play a big role in sensitive applications such as mobile banking or payments. Pairing biometric authentication with voice-based logins will start becoming the norm, granting us faster and more secure access to information. As a result, private databases storing bio-information will arise, fueling start-up and funding action in this area.

We can look forward to a time when the authentication layer won’t be based on our human memory anymore. In 2013, we’ll move closer to a time when we won’t be forced to rely on easily forgettable (and not very secure) passwords because each of us, with our biological individuality, will become our own password.

Note: this was originally write for frog end of year booklet “20 Tech Trends for 2013″; you can read it here and grab the free PDF poster here.

Frontiers Workshops: revealed

In the last 8 years I spent most of my spare time together with Leeander (and lately with Massimo, Marcello, Gian, Paola, Valentina, …) crafting the first of the two days that together are what we call the Frontiers Experience.

It’s a day packed with excitement (the final wrap up of the venue, the attendees registration, all the information we have to provide) and work: it’s the workshops day.

We introduced the workshops for the first time in 2010 in Rome: 4 workshops in parallel for the half a day day. Result: too noisy. We partially pivoted in 2011 in Florence with 3 parallel tracks. Our guests where confused and, at the end, we weren’t happy.

That’s why this year we decided to cut the tracks down to two (for a total of 4 workshops) and, oir the first time – thanks to Biccio – you can now have a glimpse of what it means being there.

Feel the energy. Feel the fun. Feel the passion. This is Frontiers.