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Yellow line is a blog written by me, Matteo Penzo: Italian manager and entrepreneur.

The name Yellow Line comes from the Milano underground line 3, which I have used till summer 2008 to daily commute to the office.

Citing Peter Abilla I’d also like to point out that

I blog responsibly; I will not blog about anything confidential related to my employer, slander anybody, or blog about anything nasty. This blog is simply about my interests, life, business, and technology. The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. Content published here is not read or approved by my employer, friends, or family before it is posted and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of my employer or, anybody, for that matter. No warranties or other guarantees will be offered as to the quality of the opinions or anything else offered here. enjoy!

Who’s Matteo Penzo?

I am an entrepreneur and technology practice executive of global design and strategy firm, frog across the EMEA region.

Matteo Penzo opens Frontiers Health in Berlin

Matteo Penzo opens Frontiers Health in Berlin

In 2005 I co-founded the internationally successful “Frontiers Conference” event bringing innovators in business and design together. In November 2016 I launched a new vertical conference on Digital Healthcare, “Frontiers Health” in Berlin. I also founded “Talent Garden Milano,” the biggest co-working space in Italy, providing talent, brilliant minds and startups an environment to connect, grow and blossom.

I’m bald.

In another universe, I’ve written numerous articles on the subjects of natural interfaces, user experience (a lot of people seems to find my article on label placement really useful), and technological innovation.

I’ve been featured in many books such as “Web form Design” by Luke Wroblesky or  ”Business Networking” by Roberto Marmo, newspapers such as the Washington Post, Scientific American, and most of the major Italian newspapers and magazines, television networks such as SKY (News Corp),  RAI1, RAI2, RAI3 (Italian State TV Channels).

You can contact me at matteo[AT]lineagialla[DOT]com or by connecting to my Linkedin Profile.