Google Earth VS Second Life for Real estate

Notice: for those of you who just in the latest times got in touch with this blog I work for Gabetti, one of the biggest Real Estate companies here in Italy and I produced and managed its world renowed Second Life project; so this post might be kinda influenced, but this is MY blog isn’t it? :-)

Today I got in touch with a post (in Italian) that (re)launched Google Earth (and its latest web browser plugin) as the mantra tool for real estate: it’s 3D, it renders the buildings (sort of), it lets you plan and build whaterver building you like. And it’s been kinda crrrrepy experience: yes it makes you seamlessy move in a 3D space but the overall experience really lacks of all that magic I got acquainted in Second Life.

Selling homes through Google Earth?

We’ve built (and sold) Japanese style luxury villas, sky-to-earth office buildings, and replicas of  real-life buildings; it’s been exciting, it’s been cutting-edge, and it’s been true (or at least it resembled truth).

One last thing: a couple of weeks ago, while wandering through Rome with some friends just after the marvellous Frontiers of Interaction day, I had a chance to speak about innovation with one of the brightest managers (and presenters) I had the chance to know, and he told me how he’s 60 years old father was enchanted with the usage of “Gabetti’s 3D computer tool” while looking for a home in Sardinia.

The building was Myrsine; and the tool was Second Life.

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