Elders’ society

I was laying on the couch this evening waiting for the dinner to be cooked, with Francesca (my baby) sleeping in my arms in the shading lights of my livingroom suring sunset letting the mind run free while this idea literally hit me: my father barely met his grandparents, I lost my grandparents (my father’s side) when I was 6 – and have really few images of them – and lived my life till now with just two grandparents (my mother’s side, mathematically).

Me and my grandpa during our 2006 birthday celebration

Francesca has a total number of 87 grandparents: HUGE!

  • My parents
  • Barbara’s (my wife) parents
  • My grandparentsmother
  • Barbara’s grandparents

Well, we do live in a society were elder people rule (and they usually have the money savings of a whole life)! Are you ready about this? I actually don’t think so: sites designed for the youngster, text written in very small characters, geek only interaction. That’s not the way if you dare to have mass numbers dude.

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