Interviewed by SLNN

I (actually my Second Life avatar Matteo Quadrifoglio) have recently been interviewed by Mariam Bubulate (yes, another avatar :-) ) on the entrance of the Gabetti Group (disclaimer: the company I work for) in Second Life with the creation of the Gabetti Island. The interview has now been published by SLNN under the title “Italian Real Estate firm takes slow and deliberate approach to growth” and then reprised by other SL newspapers such as The Second Life Insider.

Mariam’s questions were really entriguing (I’ll ask her permission to publish the whole interview here on Yellow Line) and some points published in the interview really deserve an highlight:

  • Me: “It is not important whether or not we make money. Like all the research and development projects, what really counts is what we learn by doing it”
  • Me “Competition [in real estate] is tough, so we bring Real Life expertise to the really big world of Second Life.”
  • Jeremy Flagstaff (Our Electric Sheep Project Manager): “Matteo Quadrifoglio sent satellite images of a location he wanted it to look like. Chosen Few, one of the best creators in Second Life, made it happen.”

The SL Insider states another interesting open question:

  • So – let’s assume they [Gabetti Property Solutions] make a go of this [going break even by the end of 2007], they certainly seem to be – how will the existing barons cope?

unfortunately – for the moment – the answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.

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