Mastering the Gabetti Second Life press launch

Gabetti Press Conference in Second LifeWe’re now through, finally. It’s been a tough week, I’d say a tough period in order to prepare a proper press launch. Both Maurizio Monteverdi (Gabetti Group CEO) and Leandro Agro’ (Italian Second Life main guru) rocked the stage, the machinima and our contents have done the rest.

I’m about to upload In the forthcoming weeks I’ll upload You can find the press video (Italian only, and had to cut it down to 10mins in order to be accepted) on You Tube, the photos are coming up on Flickr accounts.

The results, Geez, are further over our brightest expectations: we knew we’d have been perceived as (as Marcello says) “zupa cool” in Italy, but never expected that Reuter immediately translated a news tha has then been published on the Washington Post, Scientific American, Wired, eWeek and the Financial Times (DE version) just to name a few.

Just a sad point: I’ve asked our PR agency to invite bloggers. Well of the 30 and more invited, just two of them actually came and enjoied the free wi-fi network dedicated to live posting. Guys: what are your daily-life chances to interview a public company CEO, have the answer and even eat for free? Damn: you loose it!

In these days, using mainly Technorati, Google News and Google Blog Search I compiled a list of interesting articles about the entrance of Gabeti Property Solutions in Second Life. Here it is:

International Selection

Gabetti joins Virtual Land rush in Second Life (Washington Post)
“Second Life” jetzt auch mit realen Immobilienmaklern (Financial Times)
Buôn bán nhà đất trong thế giới ảo, kiếm tiền thật Dantri (can you get it ? :-) )
Gabetti eröffnet als erste RL-Immobilienfirma virtuelle Dependance SLinworld

Italian Newspapers/Magazines

Gabetti: affari reali nel mondo virtuale MacWorld Online
Gabetti vende case anche in Second Life Excite
La Gabetti e i suoi agenti sbarcano su Second Life La Stampa
Gabetti, l’affare-mattone si fa virtuale Corriere della Sera

Selected blogs

Gabetti@Second Life (Live Report of the press conference) Infospaces
Gabetti va Inworld! ma il vero punto è il brick’n mortar che fa innovazione Leeander
Gabetti su Second Life: è l’innovazione che conta Infoservi
Gabetti apre una sede in Second Life Tecnozoom News
Pondering The Pond Ambling in Second Life

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