Switching to Mac

My new MacBook Black arrived at the office last Friday. It was a nice chance to showcase to my colleagues the “Apple Way”: precision in every single detail; that would a nice method to apply to our daily tasks, I’m planning an internal presentation about this.

At Gabetti we have a whole Microsoft infrastructure (and it’s a kind of a network if you think we manage 1 headquarter, 7 branch offices and more than 700 agencies all over Italy) so we’re about to face the complex task to insert a Mac (well, actually 2 of them since we’ve bought a Mini for the IT meeting room) in this MS world.

In the forthcoming days I’ll update this post on the results of making fully usable this list of applications and tools (and possibly avoiding dual boot):

  1. Microsoft Project
    Update: Done! I’ve installed Windows Vista over Parallels and successfully integrated Project over the Project Web Server.
  2. Using iMail and iCal Entourage on an exchange server (obviously using autocompletion for the email addresses)
    Update: done! the installation path was as slight as possible and withing a couple of clicks I had all my mails and agenda on the MacBook
  3. Connecting the Address Book to our Active Directory
  4. Exchange complexly formatted Word, Powerpoint and Excel files with my colleagues
    Update: partly done I’ve started working on our ppt templates without any assle. Need to explore further though.
  5. Taking advantage of the Application Access Profile I have in my AD profile
    Update: partly done. It works in Vista over Parallels; not yet under Mac OS.

While I’m pretty confident that point 4. is not going to be a mess, I’d really like to hear from those of you who already successfully managed one of the remaining points.

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