Starting a new job at Gabetti Property Solutions SPA

As previously pointed out today is my first day in the new role at Gabetti Property Solutions SPA, one of the biggest and most important real estate companies in Italy. My role name is “IT Planning and Procedures Head of Office” with responsibilities over the overall ongoing ICT projects.

The funny thing is that this is that it’s been a TOUGH morning plenty with new people to meet (and of whom remember the names :-) ), new concepts to learn (I’ve planned to spend the whole summer to deeply understand real estate rules and vocabulary) and a WHOLE LOT of meetings (and counting).

I find this new opportunity really enjoiable since – after 10 years in the web business – I finally headed to the client side of the story. Beware of me web agencies, consultants, etc. etc. :-)

Clap for me!

P.S. And I’m still on the yellow line of the underground!

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