Just after Frontiers 2006

This is REALLY a tough sequence of tough tough days. But let’s say first things first,

The Interaction Frontiers has been a wonderful event packed with great speeches from bright minded speakers. I expected something like 90 people but we largerly exceeded 100s! (with a pick of 120 people in the same room during a working day!!).

This is a short video of the atmosphere we had:

Flickr is plenty with photos of the event, just to let all you know the mood we breathed last Friday: this was probably the first Innovation related event with great deejaying live (I scratched too!), we had great speakers (too many to be named) and robots walking among us and interacting (break dancing too!)

We had bloggers who blogged their feedback (Italian readers might find a very nice report at Intense Minimalism) and – given this was the first time we tried such an innovative format – I’m very very VERY happy with the results. I’m really proud of being one of the conference producers (and Leandro, my partner in crime, is really proud too).

My thanks goes to all the speaker who provided such high quality content, to our sponsor Kallideas who made the event possible and – last but not least – to the University of Milano-Bicocca which confirms itself the most innovative place in Milan (even if they have creepy wi-fi policies ;-)

Just a quick note: posts are going rarefy in the next days since I’m down learning the real estate market (I’d say I’m really enjoining my first Gabetti days: a lot of cuttin edge project one after the other; and the meetings with the people deputed to make this real-estate-idiot mind become shining are simply inspiring)

The national press gave us some real cool attention:

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