Changing the World

I spent the beginning of the week with Barbara and Francesca at my parents’ house in Mantova. We had a nice time (my mom is a great cook) and had also the lucky chance to find a great offer for the new car we were looking for (since I’ll leave my Citroen C4 at Consultechnology). We needed a family car suitable for daily travels to the office but good for weekends with babies and friends too, and the Destiny eventually broight us to a super-accessoired Renault Grand Scenic that’ll arrive at home in June.

But I’m digressing. While in Mantova I passionately told the ongoing efforts we (I and Leeander) are putting in the organization of this year Interaction Frontiers event: press relationships, speakers accomodation, the venue, the registrants, etc. etc.
One morning my mom questioned me about the money I was raising from the event organization and she was completely stuck when I told her that NO MONEY was coming in mine or Leeander’s pocket at all: we had expenses that were covered by the sponsors or the great help of friends that were doing this for free but the event was free for all.

And then she dropped THE QUESTION: “So, why are you doing this?

The answer came to my mind in a blink: “Mom, I’m acting as an enabler for the transmission of cutting edge technology from bright minded people. I’m working to change the minds of the people who’re going to attend and hope they’ll be able to change the mind of their colleagues and friends. In other words: these are my two cents to create a better World.”

Nough said.

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