Second Architecture for Second Life

Some of teh buildings on Myrsine IslandGabetti sponsored a very interesting initiative by the Italian editor Meltemi who launched a pitch to build its premises in Second Life.

A lot of designers worked hard to build up a whole lot of buildings that will cover the Myrsine Island in the next few days: you can navigate non-spaces with gas walls or 18th century buildings or nature-like projects; you choose!

You can take a look at the building by entering the Myrsine Island in Second Life or you can take a look at the buildings pictured here.

A nice machinima has been shooted too

30 seconds of celebrity

Matteo Penzo on TG1It’s been a while I haven’t blogged, most of all because of working times expanding widely fagocitating my spare time. But now I’m sick at home and have some time to spend writing. So here we go.

I had my first 30 seconds of celebrity last Wednesday, 18 when a troup of the main Italian TV news entered my office to interview me about the Gabetti/Second Life project and then aired it BOTH on the lunchtime AND primetime show.

Unfortunately I hadn’t the chance to see me “live” but, if you hold a PC – since the video seems not to be working on Macs – you can take a look at the digital version on the TG1 website.

I just have a creepy quality AVI video so won’t post anything at the moment. I’m waiting for a hi-res DVD containing the interview.

Oh… and by the way: I really need my diet objectives to be pursued!