What ecommerce should learn from Lambrusco wine

This is not a wine blog. But I really love good wine and I’m mad at the discovery of new bottles, and that’s why this is the second post about wine in less than a month.

To tell the whole truth I won’t speak about the (note: landing page in Italian) marvellous Lambrusco that I found last year in a wine show in Mantua but I’m going to tell you about an experience.

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Innovation dinner in Milan

I’ve recently been at a reserved (thanks to Marco Massarotto for the invitation) dinner about innovation (or, better, how to foster, finance and spread innovation) at the Lago apartment in Milan.
I’d say the best of breed (actually, part of it) of the people involved in innovation were around that table: we had the CEOs (both from startups and from well-known companies), we had the managers (from Kilometro Rosso… and Gabetti too :-) ), we had the investors (dPixel, Working Capital and new entries too), we had the bloggers too (Emil’s got a complete list of participants).

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The Penzo’s Christmas Eve menu

Chocolate Christmas trees This year Christmas Eve dinner is going to be slightly atipical since we broke the tradition to spend it with parents (mine or my wife’s) and we’ll be just the 3 of us: me, my wife and my daughter.I’ve spent the whole morning buying food (fish at the market, champagne at the winery, this and that at the supermarket, etc. etc.) while the afternoon was for the cooking (and for parentally control my 3 years daughter who’s at home from school).This is going to be our menu (photos will follow):Antipasti

First course

  • Spaghetti alla chitarra with shrimps, fresh tomatoes and artichokes


  • Hand-made Panettone


  • Brut 2002 Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, Palmer & Co

Merry Christmas to all of you!