What our digital footprints can tell the world

This article originally appeared on the web published by frog design’s Design Mind;

In my usual working day I wake up thanks to the alarm in my iPhone, I fire up the iPad to read the daily newspapers, look at the email  while having breakfast and then jump into the car to commute to the office; during the day I use Twitter when out for lunch, and also upload some photos while on the go to share them with my peers. And when I upload my shots to Flickr — I love the geotagging feature (which is on by default on my iPhone).
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Frontiers advertising on Wired Magazine (Italy ed.)

Back in the times of the Master Program in Information Technology at the Bicocca University (where Leeander was so kind to involve me to co-head the Interaction Design course together with him), when we first conceived what eventually became the Frontiers of Interaction conference, I never would have imagined that onde day we would have hit a whole page on the main magazine on technology and innovation that you can find here around.

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