What our digital footprints can tell the world

This article originally appeared on the web published by frog design’s Design Mind;

In my usual working day I wake up thanks to the alarm in my iPhone, I fire up the iPad to read the daily newspapers, look at the email  while having breakfast and then jump into the car to commute to the office; during the day I use Twitter when out for lunch, and also upload some photos while on the go to share them with my peers. And when I upload my shots to Flickr — I love the geotagging feature (which is on by default on my iPhone).
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I won’t buy the Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s recently news about the European distribution of their eBook reader, the Kindle (a groundbreaking success in US last year) mounted quite a buzz here in Italy (the country were I currently live): it’s the first official move from the US ecommerce giant here, and took everybody (I have at least a friend who largely previewed this sometime ago) somebody by surprise.

Back to the title of this post I’d say that not only I won’t buy the Kindle, but – at the current conditions of offer, price and general country-based context – I’m not going to buy any kind of reader for ebooks.
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