The behaviour cha(lle)nge

AKA changing (some of) my habits for a week and tracking the results. but first things first.

I’m really happy when the alarmclock is not ringing thus I’m able to wake up early enough to have a whooole day in front of me. I love to sleep, even if I was not able to wake up after 10 am, during vacation days, since I was 23.

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with the global innovation firm frog President Doreen Lorenzo (caveat: I’m Technology Director at frog Milan studio) and I was curious about her standard day: she wakes up at 4am (yes, 4, four, quattro) she dedicates one hour to emails and then two hours to physical activity; it might be a run on the street or a gym session depending on where she is. And the she goes back, has a shower and prepare for the office.

I told her I would die with such a regimen; but she definitely inspired me. Once I was a runner. But it’s now a year I haven’t run a single mile, shame on me. And the inspiration is: I can do that; I can wake up early in the morning (not at 4, at 6 am:-) ) can run for ~one hour and then prepare for my day.

And the good thing is that I’ll blog the outcomes. This will last for a week. Are you ready? I definitely am!

2 thoughts on “The behaviour cha(lle)nge

  1. Well my friend, the important thing is not to do it all at once, but start by creating “tiny habits” as BJ Fogg calls them (link: ) and maybe sustain them for a 30 days, not just 7.

    Also Leo Babauta from Zenhabits has some tips on that:

    I’m currently struggling myself with the waking up early thing, but am managing to run often…. event if it’s just a few km.


  2. Thanks my friend for the comments and the links. It might be that this bchallenge thing will transform myself into an early riser (very nice article on Zenhabits, by the way). It might also be that I will start running frequently again (even if the time I run every morning – 35/40 mins – is way too reduced compared to what I was used to run).
    But that’s not the point (and that’s why I’m keeping it down to a work week): I just want to prove my self that, if I want, I can do it; even if it’s such a big sacrifice to go to bed every night ay 11 (and that is the single point why I think it’s not nothing I can pursue as a life habit)

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