The power of the web

I know I know, this is definitely the worst of the starts: I promised to write (at least) each Friday evening and I’m posting late on Saturday evening; but there’s quite a bunch of things you still need to know about me (I’ll going deep into this in the forthcoming weeks) that’s bringing me quite busy at the moment. So: I’m sorry dudes.

I’ve read on the last number of MyGabetti News (the newsletter we monthly publish at Gabetti for our site subscribers) of a cool fair about home automation and home security which had my whole attention; and it was held in Milan down town: a bunch of kilometers from my house.

I’ve spent half this week convincing my wife to visit the expo together so we can start to get accustomed to the cream of the crop in home innovation.

[Note: I'm used - mostly at work - to reach any information very quickly; that's why I fastly become dissappointed when I cannot easily reach what I need to know... this is usefoul to properly understand what follows]

This morning, while my daughter was swallowing biscuits all around the kitchen, I was on the sofa trying to remember more details on the fair: was it in Milan City Fair? Or at the new expo? Wasn’t it at the Datch Forum?

I perfectly knew where I first read the info (MyGabetti News) and I remember where the mail was laying. But had not mood for opening Entourage, looking for the email and then following the link; so I (poor me) chose to google for more info on the fair.

Google, uh? Yes: the result was the “Casa Sicura Expo” (secure home Expo), “The first fair on home automation and home security”.

I don’t actually know how you, my friend read it, but once having paid 5 euros for parking and 16 euros for the entrance ticket I faced a whole plaetora of solar systems, energy saver systems, fuell cells prototype… it wasn’t about home automation! There were no home secutiry experts.

It was a damn save the damn world fair!!!

I admitted with my wife of being wrong: I probably mistyped the site or something this morning and wrote down the wrong address on our TomTom.

So, back at home I re-checked the (damn) site and… I was right! Today is 14, the month is October, we were at the Datch Forum… so: where have all you domotic systems hidden?

This is the power of the web: keeping a wrong information and making it appear correct; even when I personaly verified it was, actually,wrong.

P.S. We came home plenty with energy savings lamp, they were for free.

Update: I’m puzzled. The link I found on Google was actually the same that was laying in MyGabetti News… so the Conference organizers were kidding when designing the websites content? Or were they just trying to gain a couple of thousands more visitors?

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