Trofie and Pesto alla Genovese for the bloggers

My pesto packI think this is one of the first experiments of this kind in Italy; It’s indeed the first I participate in: a gourmet gift for Italian bloggers consisting in 500gr of Trofie pasta and a small jar of pesto alla genovese.

(note: my RSS subscribers might have already read this coming out from the Flickr feed, I apologize with them)

This package is part of an interesting marketing campaign organized by the Italian typical food maker “San Lorenzo” focused on the blogosphera word of mouth power: they’re sending some packages to the italian bloggers that make request of (and, as a side note, without any explicit request of advertising via their blogs).

My personal opinion is that this is a cuttin edge guerrilla marketing tecnique for the Italian Market, were everything in the digital marketing arena is stuck at the 468×60 gif animated banner (more or less, I’d say :-) )

After a little bit of research and link following I found that one of the heads behind this lovely initiative is Antonio Tombolini, one of the brightest Italian new technology entrepreneurs (he was the man behind the Esperya firm).

Even if I see a nearly complete frozen innovation market in Italy, something is slowly moving. And whether you’d want to test the effectivness of this campaign just take a look at the list of blogs that featured the product.

Update: the initiative has been upgraded to “permanent edition“. If you have a nearly 6 months old blog, subscribe to receive the free pack on your blog half year birthday. (I’d say this decision is kinda brave since most of such young blogs in Italy could be far from being well-known).

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