On TED and eTech conferences

I had a pretty free from urgent tasks morning, so I decided to go through the highly granular report on the TED conference by Bruno Giussani. I met Bruno during the LIFT days in Geneve and I know how well he can blog about live events he’s attending to, that’s why I’ve chosen him as primary source of information on the TED conference (BTW he’s also the producer of TED Global).

It took quite a lot to go through all his TED posts and to follow interesting links, it’s was really tought not to use them as starting points for a broader navigation. And Mike Lee’s Flickr photos was useful to give me a broader scenario awareness of the conference (as for the written report I’ve chosen to restrict my navigation just to one user in order to save time).

Now it’s time for the eTech and I’m missing it this year too (job and personal stuff are keeping me strictly bound to Italy), I consider my self fortunate to have a couple of friends there, I’m really looking forward to their reports.

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