Mobup 0.2 out on Monday

We’ll deliver on Monday the newsest version of Mobup, the 0.2

We’ve nearly reprogrammed the whole application in order to maximize compatibility on Nokia s60 devices which should be now fully supported(our beta testers team is now working on granularly verifying it).

While rewriting the code we’ve also spent some time optimizing it and the resulted code is now less then 38KB in size. Yes madam the whole moup application won’t eat your device internal memory while managing

  • Photo shooting
  • Title, descriptions and tags
  • Lazy user (c) tagging system (Mobup will download the 10 most popular tags from your Flickr account) post the photo in your Flickr sets
  • Publish the whole thing on your own blog

We’ve also blown away messsages screen and have them substitute with faster and “AJAX style” on screen messaging system.

Hope you’ll spend some time giving it a try.

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