Lift06. Program available.

The LIFT06 program (PDF file) is out. Done. Finished. Nearly printed. Wow.

I’d say that starting a new year with a talk in a conference that features Matt Jones, Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling and Robert Scoble all in the same place is going to be a little bit overwhelming. And exciting.
My slides are nearly ready, still fine tuning the speech and having a lot of help and encouragement by my friend Dirk. Planning to be able to astound during my ten minute talk. Hope so, at least :-)

In the meanwhile the Mobup thing is really exploding, a lot of buzz in the mobile news sites yesterday and the day before. Hope to be able to develop a more stable (and broadly compatible!) version soon! (If you like we have open positions for J2ME open source programmers available).

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