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Just back in office from a crazy 3 days in Geneva and a plenty with todos weekend. I was greatly hosted by UXnet local representative Florian Egger (I arrived there as colleague, I left as friend. Thanks so much Florian!) and spent the two partying nights speaking with bright minded people like Noel “Noneck”, Florian himself, Jan-Christoph Zoels, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and the rest of the Interaction Design Institute group.

I managed to convert my conference notes into HTML (if you use the great Mind Manager pls download the Map located here). As a disclaimer I’d say that they are extremely for my own personal use, and don’t know whether you can find them useful; you might want to integrate them with some of the excellent blog-reports findable on Technorati.

Bruno Giussani

  • Band is increasing
    • Connectivity is no longer localized. It’s personal and environmental
  • Individuals as actors or co-creators
  • Multiple personas
    • we started have multiple personas on the web which might be different from how we really are
      • Some are directly controlled by us (eg. blogs, linkedin, etc.) some other no (like google)
  • Digital world increasingly shadowing the real world
    • Socialight
    • Synthetic worlds and avatars (second life)
    • LOST TV show
      • It’s designed as a videogame
      • There’s clues that’re hidden in the film like in a videogame
  • Digital decade
    • Almost B people on the web and B on cellphones
  • Blog / Journalism
    • L’hebdo (Losanne weekly paper) started reporting on a blog the paris banlieu riots
      • Now they’re journalistically training banlieu people to blog for themselves

David Galipeau

  • The message is NOT the media
  • Internet = transfer of power
  • Few tactics are effective without the use of traditional media
    • Internet is used as a support channel, a channel to get INTO the media
  • God online
    • fund raigind and community building
    • Two audiences
      • mainstream
        • soft approach, professional
      • fundamentalist
        • very hard: text & images based
  • Mobilization
    • pp, mobile and pseudonymsLocalit�
    • Reputation systems make new level of cooperation possible
    • artmark website
      • they give free identities to everyone
  • Killer app of tomorrow are social practices
  • Information as a unit of currency

Matt Jones

  • Nseries
    • “social multimedia computers”
  • Nect Networked experiences team
  • Ubiqutous comuting is already here
  • Human universals – Donald E. Brown
    • Play
      • Play x feedback = legibility
  • play trends research
  • Solified socialization
    • every conversation and interactoin is becoming like a game
    • Digitalization of conversations and socializations
  • Let’s get physical
    • webcam base games
    • Gyms are becoming games
  • Hacker play
  • Truly playful spaces
    • The weather project
  • 0 Just in time situations
    • Flash mobs
  • Search and deploy
    • People writing on the cities and people finding the writings (yello w aroow project)
  • Three strong filters
    • Books: The ambiguity of play, the play ethic, riules of play
  • play = improvisation + exploring
  • The iceberg of play
    • Top: casual, solo play
    • bottom: Connected, constructive play
  • Play != entertainment
    • play is not frivolous

Cory Doctorow

  • Your business model is NOT internet ready :-D

Bruce Sterling

Women in technology

  • Involve you children (male and female) in technology, in fixing the computer, in web sites making
  • (then gone changing my euros, notes end here)

Identity revolution

  • Indentity 1.0
    • Rely on a trusted party and asymmetric
    • NOT web enabled
    • service driven model
    • Contect specific and not scalable
    • We are missing the identity layer
  • Indentity 2.0
    • User centric model
    • Digital Identity
      • A set of claims someone makes about me
      • Based on a chip
        • Biggest issue: nobody has a smartcard reader
    • Infocard
      • By Microsoft
      • VERY difficult to use
  • laws of identity
    • User control and consent
    • Limited discolsure for limited use
    • The law of the fewest party
    • Plularism of operators
    • Human integration
    • COnsistent experience across contects
  • Identity management is about addressing personal, business and national issues


  • What is coming within the to years in nano market
  • Change in physical properties = disruptive technologies with new intellectual property
  • Interdisciplinary field
  • New potential to data storage (000 Gb/inch)
  • Targeted nano-therapeuthics to defeat cancer

The specialization of communication channels

  • People aber very good at choosing the right media for each situation
    • Most fix phone calls are done in public
    • Mobile phone is the personal channel.
    • Email is the administrative channel
    • IM and VOIP
      • Step in / step out conversation
      • Open channel in the background
    • Blogging is the networking channel; it hugely extends the number of communication partners
    • A pattern of communication arises, stays for a while and then disappears


  • Innovation has become a crucial success factor in every business
  • Challenges to innovation
    • People still think is silos wchich are not connected
    • “Play” is still questioned. but play is NOT childish
    • No time to think at ideas
  • Themeparks are a unity of space design, content and “experience”
  • Think Tanks are one of the fastest growing tools for science, media and communication
    • Think Tanks in 0, 00 now
  • Innovation labs are temporary installments which group together people from different brackgrouds
  • It’s a physical blog on speed

Global Microbranding

  • The best media is word of mouth (wrong)
  • If your product doesn’t go to the market and changes the rules, there will be NO word of mouth
    • E.g. Skype, it’s a very subject for people conversations BECAUSE it has changed the rules
  • Hugh used his blog post as the supporting speech slides
  • See document: 00html

A journey into co-creation

  • Innovation competencies are located within R&D, Marketing and creativity
    • Corporations cannot be “closed” anymore, they need to socialize with their customers

Jean-Fran�ois Groff

  • Life is made of all the connections you have with people and objects. And this conncetions brings joy
  • VIZTA project

Open design

  • Virtualization of working, playing, etc
    • The transactions in digital world are much more cost effective
  • There’s a shift from buying from bookstores to buying online
  • Ohmy News -> every citizen is a reporter -> pay what you think it’s worth
  • Accessibility: is it only for geeks?
  • Role of the designer in open design
    • He’s between the consumer and the artifact
  • Virtualization of everyday is UNAVOIDABLE
  • New paradigm: from designing forms and artifacts to designing rules and parameters for forms and artifacts to emerge

Corporate blogging (Robert Scoble)

  • Reason #1: google
    • Other people control the conversation. If they don’t link to you, you don’t exhist
  • Blog have taken the web to everybody, not only to HTML geeks
  • Nobody is going to link a press release

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