Monday run.

Another interesting run today. The winter is not still convinced to take full stage here in Milan so it happens that you run in february with 10 Celsius and shorts.

At the end of my 8Km workout there were some thoughts that stroke me:

1) Serendipity keeps being the most powerful force in my life. While – in the locker room – choosing whether to go for the city track or the park track, the guy the city track is entitled to started texting out-of-the-blue (he’s having a hell of a world solo trip, vero Mattia?). Choice was then easy.

2) At 4.35 of average pace, after 4Km, my mind completely detaches from my body and I float somewhere 45 degrees up north of it. So if you see me and I don’t see you, you now know why.

3) Monday is the very best super perfect day for me to run. After the weekend food-pornography and the children invasion, after the beginning of the week morning back-to-back meetings, this is just me flying solo through the city.

4) Spotify random playlist knows much more of the inner-me that I’d want to.

The HUB Milano – opening soon

The Hub is a network of office spaces distributed in 12 cities over 4 continents and is

a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world (see the full about here).

I’ve recently had a nice chinese lunch with the founders of the Milan chapter with the personal aim to visit the place (I saw the photos online and the building was marvellous, I’m seriously considering to pay for a basic subscription in order to have a place to hang around in my creative moments) and to know the bright minded people who founded such an idea.

I also felt it would be interesting to create a link between Frontiers of Interaction – which bases its own existence on innovation – and The Hub – which exists for innovative people. And I’m happy we ended the lunch with a very cool idea of collaboration that’s going to be unveiled in the forthcoming weeks.