YellowLine. Reloaded

Yep. More or less as in Matrix 2.0. New server, new Word Press, new template. And a brand new load of messy problems: giving the fact that I have not been able to convert my old WP 2.0 database into the new one, I really managed to completely f**k the previous version of the blow which now appears in a shining 500 error.

I really had the intention to repost the whole 2002 (circa) 2008 archive (which is now accessible only via MySQL admin consolle) before firing up the public version of the blog but we’re living tough times, my friends, and I’m pretty sure that the risk was to have everybody waiting forever.

Every week I’ll cherry-pick precious content from the past and post it here, in its original form and publishing date, waiting for a cool idea (or a cool friend) that we’ll magically import the whole database in a few seconds.

Everything is still very beta and I still need to have some plugins installed (such as the connections to my Flickr and accounts) and the template completely tuned; but the RSS feed now correctly points here, and we cn only get better.

Moving to the new server – update

I managed to install and configure both the 2.7.1 version of WordPress and the Squible 2.0 template (the first version is the official template of the blog you’re reading); unfortunately the content migration has been a huge failure.

I’ve tried the following with no results:

  • Content export from WP 2.01 and import into WP 2.7.1
  • RSS export from WP 2.0.1 and import into WP 2.7.1
  • RSS export from Feedburner and import into WP 2.7.1
  • XML export from MySQL and import into WP 2.7.1
  • Database export from MySQL ( server) and import into MySQL ( server)

And, sincerely, this is enough for me and for the time I can dedicate to System Administration tasks.

So I decided to switch to a super-technological ultra-geek solution: copy and paste the whole content adding the original time/date data and placing the right tags on each post. This been said I’ll also evaluate the possibility (and the costs) of using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to paste the whole blog archive (starting from 2002 or so, and written in Italian).

This might be translated into false updates of the RSS feed, hope this won’t be a mess for you.


Black and green. I mean: green IBM3270 font on a full screen whole black background; no browser, no feeds, no email. Just the black background, your text and you. A cool parenthesis of concentration.

Distractionless writing with Writeroom

I miss that word so much in my last weeks life: we delivered the most complex release of the Oracle Enterprise One ERP at Gabetti early in December which kept us REALLY concentrated on making all the amount of old data take their right place in the new system (and also fixing some errors inserted in the old systems during years which made OE1 simply mad).

And then there’s the 2008 budget planning, Second Life, analysis to be made and data to be properly understood. And, wow, this is the end of an overwhelming year dude!

On the personal side of life we’re hitting the start of our new house renewal: discussions with the architect, choosing the right pool, planning the suite bathroom (I replicated it on Second Life to help my wife understanding my ideas better), choosing the doors, the windows, managing all the papers…

I’m tired. I’d like to have more time to manage all the things. Need to slow down. Just a little bit. And that’s also why posts lacked here in the last weeks.

Oh… and thank you writeroom for these 15 mins of distractionless writing.

UPDATE Alberto, while back linking this post, discovers a bond I sincerely have bypassed: the concentration feeling you experiment Writeroom donates you follows the same path Ev highlighted in his LeWeb3 speech: it really seems that innovation, more than from making software more complex, arise when you try to make it simpler. Thanks Alberto!