YellowLine. Reloaded

Yep. More or less as in Matrix 2.0. New server, new Word Press, new template. And a brand new load of messy problems: giving the fact that I have not been able to convert my old WP 2.0 database into the new one, I really managed to completely f**k the previous version of the blow which now appears in a shining 500 error.

I really had the intention to repost the whole 2002 (circa) 2008 archive (which is now accessible only via MySQL admin consolle) before firing up the public version of the blog but we’re living tough times, my friends, and I’m pretty sure that the risk was to have everybody waiting forever.

Every week I’ll cherry-pick precious content from the past and post it here, in its original form and publishing date, waiting for a cool idea (or a cool friend) that we’ll magically import the whole database in a few seconds.

Everything is still very beta and I still need to have some plugins installed (such as the connections to my Flickr and accounts) and the template completely tuned; but the RSS feed now correctly points here, and we cn only get better.

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