I remember 10 years ago, minutes before turning 30, I started writing a post about my change of decade on my blog. (Just checked; went lost)

I was in our first home. Francesca was 8 months old. I just had run the first edition of Frontiers of Interaction.

I was sitting on the same couch where I am now. (Always been taught not to throw away something that is not broken).

I remember I felt grown-up. I remember I felt great.

Now I look at myself back then and smile.

The past decade transformed me in a totally different man. Learnt gazzilions of new things. Became smarter (and balder). Got to get in touch with amazing persons I would never had imagined to be able to meet (you know who you are), travelled to places I would never had imagined to set my feet onto. Launched 2 companies. Worked with amazing people at awesome products that have (or will) changed the world.
And still have few, strong, bonds with very few people who are still here as my side wings.

Well this makes me excited about the next post I’ll write 10 years from now. It’s gonna be another series of intesting rides around the sun.

Welcome, 40. Buon compleanno Metiu.

P.s. Yes, whenever I’m asked my age, the first answer that my brains spits out is still 24.

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