I have spent, together with our Health curator Roberto Ascione, the last two days in ‪‎Berlin‬ to set-up the stage and start-up our operations for Frontiers Health (Berlin, November 17 and 18, 2016).

It’s been an amazing experience with a super warm welcome from the city and more than 20 meetings with local start-up founders, Venture Funds, Accelerators, partners and event organisers. I’m truly grateful to all the people we met for the passion and expertise they offered us. I’m thrilled of launching our first product abroad in this city and can’t wait to see it taking more and more shape.

We want the event to be extremely inclusive for the whole digital health‬ industry welcoming pharma companies, investors, start-ups, managers and physicians, patients and we start by partnering with the other big events in Europe (more on this soon).

Ticket sales will start (very) soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified before we kick-it off (and grant you the fellow ultra-reduced price) on

Looking forward to meet you all in Berlin.

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