Something new at the horizon.

Important day today.

Went for a 12 Km #running workout where we had to keep a stable pace at 5.00 min/km. Perfect field trial for a POC of an app we’re working on as a side project.

Basically I think there are powerful ways to drive our mind to do something we do not want to do. Ways to commit ourselves to the perfect result. Not really a la B.J. Fogg.
Let’s just say I’m truly convinced that when you’re concentrating in pumping all those muscles in the run, and breathing, and looking and where your placing your next step, etc., let’s just say I think I have a way to convince your brain to do what I want, which – in our case – is to keep a stable pace.

And I’m the worst pacer ever. EVVVER. Not able to run a single KM at the same pace as the previous one.

Still, being able to control your pace is DA skill if you’re serious about running.

My objective today was to keep a pace of 5. So here’s the result (tracked by runkeeper):

  • [app was off] Km 1: 6:13
  • Km 2: 4:46 [turned the app on]
  • Km 3: 4:56
  • Km 4: 4:56
  • Km 5: 5:00
  • Km 6: 5:00
  • Km 7: 4:56
  • Km 8: 4:49 (shit)
  • Km 9: 5:01
  • Km 10: 5:11 (street crossing)
  • Km 12: 4:59

Still have a lot of stuff to fix. and the UI. Lord forgive me for this UI. But we’re on the right track. Can’t wait to start gathering feedback from testers who don’t have my name and surname.

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