bchallenge. Day 4

Everything is becoming mechanical. And I’d say I’m happy this personall chalenge is coming to an end.

I really don’t care waking up at six every morning (there’s a lot of life out there at that time, I don’t feel alone), but I don’t like running in the cold anymore (and this morning we had 9 degrees at 6.10am) and definitely being forced to go to sleep at 11pm is the greatest sacrifice; don’t get me wrong: I’m totally ready to sleep and usually it takes less than 5 minutes… but where’s my after dinner time? that time I usually occupy with a mix of emails, work, thoughts, reading and relax?

But there’s one thing that makes me happy, just read the following bullet list:

  • Wednesday: running
  • Thursday: running
  • Friday: running
  • Saturday: golf
  • Sunday: tennis
  • Monday: running
Not bad at all, huh? :-)

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