bchallenge: day 2 chronicle

6am: alarm clock rings
6.01am: aknowledged of Steve Jobs death (RIP), reading an email from frog CMO arrived during the (Italian) night.
6.02am: read lots of obituaries for Steve starting from Twitter.
6.10am: started running, huge pain in my legs (which will continue for the whole day). Lots of humidity, fresh air, nice wheather but still dark.
6.54am: back at home; shower.
7.15am: breakfast for Francesca ready: woke her up.
8.15am: out; bringing Francy to the school bus stop.
9.30am: first meeting, Milan downtown.
11.15am: in the frog Studio, Milan. [NDA starts]
7.30pm: in-house picnic with Francy, at home.
9.00pm: Francy goes to bed.
10.00pm: quick blog posting (this).
11.00pm: (planned) Matteo goes to sleep.

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