My list of must-have apps on your Mac

In the forthcoming weeks I’ll substitute the Apple MacBook I’ve been using in the last 3 years with a brand new Apple machine (reason for this change can be seen here); during the intense usage of these years I’ve collected quite a bunch of software (most of which are opensource) that I WANT to have on my next machine because I found it really useful or personal productivity enhancer.

Here’s an alphabetical list with a bit of explanation for the reason why I’m keeping it. Hope you too will find them useful. I will certainly do.

  1. BetterZip
    One of the best unarchivers I’ve used; quick, reliable and very simple to use
  2. Cocktail
    If you want to keep your Mac maintained and happy
  3. CyberDuck
    The funniest FTP client I’ve ever used (note to self: remember to export configuration to the new machine)
  4. Dropbox
    The best remote archiver I’ve ever used; Frontiers 2010 is happening also thanks to this tool (the producers are usually spreaded throughout Europe)
  5. eDrawings viewer
    Used this while restructuring home to view the CAD projects of the new designs; recently used to analyze and plan Frontiers 2010 venue organization
  6. iAlertU
    Oh this is really funny; if someone moves or touch your Mac the alarm siren starts yelling and it shots a photo of the “thief” that could be sent you by email
  7. iBackup
    Free and reliable backup tool that saved my marriage at least once. Literally.
  8. iLife
    Should I say more? iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band
  9. iWork
    Just used Keynote though (but I’ve been told page is really a great tool to produce template based simple web sites)
  10. JUPloader
    A Flickr uploader; a little bit heavy on MacBook and Mac Mini when used together with iPhoto but let you organize quite big bunch of photosets
  11. MPEG Streamclip
    This is really a great tool if you work with videos; it also helps you to 90° rotate those shooted using your cameraphone.
  12. paparazzi
    Screenshot application: really useful if you need a whole web page grab
  13. Quicksilver
    As quick as Spotlight and configurable too!
  14. Seesmic Desktop
    My desktop Twitter client of choice
  15. Skype
    Oh come one! Do you really want me to write something here?
  16. Textwrangler
    A multi-purpose text editor (used for txt, notes, xml, aspx, cs and html files)

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