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Six years ago, when I first started Frontiers of Interaction, I wouldn’t have imagined to start talking about exporting the conference abroad. Well.. now read what I’ve just posted on the conference blog:

While all the Frontiers of Interaction team is strongly focused on the organization of the Summer conference in Italy (Rome, June 3rd-4th) we have started thinking to the international version of the event.

We have clear in mind which are our conference points of strength and really want to invest in them, and producing an abroad version of the conference as cool as what we’ve done in Italy for years, just sounds terrific!

There’s a city in US that’s probably the most European, that has the nicest fall in the Country, that’s probably the only eastern US city that comes in mind when speaking about technology and innovation (does anybody ever heard of the MIT?) and that city is Boston.

We believe there’s space in US for “yet another innovation conference” because of the specific format Frontiers has: it’s not only a conference, it’s not only a show, it’s the both of them perfectly mixed up. We believe that there’s need and space for italian makers and innovators on the American conference scene. And we want to be the ignitors.

Giuseppe, PhD Boston Univeristy, docente di Applied Innovation in Mobile Computing at Harvard University, è tra i fondatori del Mobile Group di Boston (il più grande del mondo).
Recidivo della top10 su AppStore è un Guru del mobile, ma sopratutto una intelligenza italiana che ha saputo coniugare una vita nella culla della Ricerca hightech con le proprie radici più profonde. Vedi il suo profilo su wikipedia.

Giuseppe Taibi, PhD at the Boston University, teaches Applied Innovation in Mobile Computing at Harvard University, he is a co-founder of the Boston Mobile Group (the biggest of its kind in the World). As a mobile Guru he’s a frequent appearance in the AppStore Top10, and he’s a great example of Italian intelligence that has been able to merge a life in the World capital of high-tech research with his own mother country culture.

Giuseppe is joining us taking the role of Boston conference co-producer. And as you can see from the above image we’ve already started working together at the US Fall event. Welcome aboard Giuseppe!

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