Label alignment in forms

Once in a while an article author writes his silver bullet and receives fame, money, power and girls from it… well… sort of :-)

My most read creation is without a doubt the 2006 article, appeared on the US web magazine UXmatters, Label placement in forms: I prepared an experimental set-up to test different types of forms using eye-tracking technology and reported my findings in the article.

Well, not only it’s the most read article ever on UXmatters; it attracted more than 100 comments and it’s a top referenced article when speaking about form designs: the findings were largerly included in the 2007 book “Web form Design” by Yahoo Chief Design Architect, Luke Wroblesky.

Recently the nice people at UXmatters have been so kind to prepare an article for their column “Ask UXmatters” were my findings were hilighted again with contributes by highly experienced UX people such as Michael Griffith—User Experience Director at Hewlett-Packard or Whitney Quesenbery-Past-President, Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA).

Some of them do agree with me, some others don’t. But that’s not the point (I’m always happy when people disagree with me, because that is the point were the discussion starts). The fact is that I’m really re-energized to work at a brand new article on form design tested using eyetracking technology and something new might come out in the forthcoming months.

2 thoughts on “Label alignment in forms

  1. Anthony thanks for your comment. No unfortunately not and there’s currently nothing behind the scenes. Life paths are mysterious and mine is currently quite far from eyetracking, it would be really difficult to devolve time to it, that said I already have prepared the partnership for the article content so… who knows :-)

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