Geekrunning now live!

Albeit it took some weeks for the idea to take shape in our minds both me and Paolo “advgeek” Guglielmoni (Leo Burnett Creative Director and geekrunning co-founder) have been pretty fast in executing it: just 10 days from the start-up during an Indian lunch to having domain + logo + manifesto + blog up and running.

Geekrunning is my new side (and no-profit) initiative for tech savvy runners, like yours truly, with the aim to create fun and networking opportunities on the move. I’ve found similar initiatives such as the SF Tech Runners truly inspiring and wanted to create something similar in Italy too.

We’re based in Milan, Italy and at the moment aren’t planning “official” activities in other places. But we’re coming with a nifty mass of online opportunities:

Which in our mind should open the way to the creation of a geographically diffused geekrunning team(s) thanks to a massive usage of (connected) technology such as the Nike+ platform (and no, Nike isn’t sponsoring – at the moment).

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