Future Practice User Experience Webinars

User Experience guru and author now turned editor, former UXnet colleague and – last but not least – good friend Louis Rosenfeld has just launched a brand new initiative for all you UX professionals and practitioners out there: the Future Practice User Experience Webinars.The webinars will cover the cutting edge of contemporary user experience research and design methods and will be hosted by top nocth UX speakers (such as Modern Web Form Design with Wroblewski – you might also want to take a look at my article Label placement in forms on the same subject).These 60-minute webinars are initially available as live classes, and then are made available in a recorded, edited format.There’s a 25% off special discount (for the live and, ultimately, recorded webinars) for the loyal readers of Yellow Line that will use this promo-code:


Lou and his crew are doing a wonderful job with the UX related books adventure; I’m sure they’ll produce high quality webinars too!’

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