Slides on Gabetti Second Life project

I’ve recently spoken (together with Rita Tornari, the Marketing Director of the Gabetti Group) at an interesting event in front of a huge public of Marketing/Communication Directors here in Milan about social webs and user generated content.

Our speech generated some feedback from bloggers and I’m trying to keep track of all the posts and replying to them when possible. To do so and track the discussion I’ve fired up a brand new coComment subscription (I’ve met Laurent Haugh at LIFT06, just before he started-up the company): you might want to follow the (mostly in Italian) discussions on my coComment public page.

And obviously you can take a look at the slides on Slideshare (Rita’s slides are written in Italian, mine aren’t written at all: but you might enjoy beautiful photos :-) .

Should you have any question or inquiry on the Gabettipresence in Second Life just drop a line using post comments.

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