I’m down with the Blog Tag meme

Well, it’s the first time I decide to participate in a meme, invited by Mentegrafica; I’ve found this one really funny: five things relatively few people knows about me:

  1. Once I was an MC. Rapping on the stage, so to say
  2. I started my career back in 1996 as a web designer; the first site producing an income was for a (now closed) restaurant in Mantua
  3. I’m mad for NCIS and Smallville serials
  4. Back in 1999 I was on the stage of the (now dead) Italian TV Show “Il brutto anatroccolo” watching my colleague Barbara (now my wife) being transformed on the stage. We still laugh a lot watching the videotape :-D .
  5. I do human beatbox making my daughter dance

I now tag my friends Leeander, Tom Landspurg, Simone Lippolis, Dirk Knemeyer and Stefano Sanna. Your turn guys!

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