Working Stiff I’m at home recaping from a bad flu and spending a lot of time reading my (too trascurated due to my daily job) Bloglines feeds and watching movies. The longer the flu the tougher the job for my DVD/DiVX library: I’m not yet so frustrated to switch to (yeeeck!) afternoon TV programs so I looked around for some nice online video to watch and, via Sanbaldo blog, I found “Working Stiff“: a low-budget indipendent movie available for free on the web.

Here’s the synopsis:

Gene is a beleaguered corporate filmmaker who directs training videos for a large corporation. Facing a financial crunch that could cost him his home, he decides to use the company studio at night to produce an ”adult” version of the anti-sexual harassment training video he’s shooting during the day. Comedy, 94 minutes.

If you love comedies and know a little bit of big-corp life this movie is for you!

I also really enjoied the whole Brightcove experience (Brightcove is the platform the movie is distributed on): I followed the Allaire‘s company first betas before joining Gabetti for an IPTV related RnD project for a big Italian company and I’m really amused of how brughtly great the product is now.

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