Lif is ALWAYS surprising

It’s been a while I had this post in mind (and it’s a couple of weeks it’s staging on the draft folder of my WordPress admin). But life’s really busy in the last period and vacations are fastly approaching thus I have little or none time to settle things down to be ‘nough concentrated on writing.

Never say never could be the claim of this post. And my life in the last months really proves it.

I’d have said I’d never ever abandoned research. But now I’m managing a lot of innovating and interesting projects at one of the leading real estate (!!!) firms in Italy. Didn’t thought that research is just one of the faces of innovation.

I’d have said that this little italian guy was far to little to be cited by his U.S. UX myths. But then Luke Wroblewsky (!!!) wrote an entire post speaking of my UXmatters article on forms label positioning.

I’d have said that Italy was the farest province of the Internet empire. But then small projects like yours truly’s Mobup and bright minded companies such as Kallideas are taking the worldwide stage (and – BTW – it’s opening an office in Silicon Valley. VPs keep your eyes on them!).

And I have my two loves with me in this wonderful adventure.

Thank you.

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