Another change in my life

“It’s something past 2 in the afternoon and I’m at home on the sofa quietly sipping my espresso coffee. You’re probably asking WHY I’m at home, right now, during a working day.

I think there is no other way to say it, so I’m gonna straight to the point: I quit from Consultechnology and yesterday was my last day in the office; I won’t be offiicially out since the first weeks of June but I’m going to spend these weeks as vacation time.

I had great times during these 2 and a half years (I started there in November 2003) and was fortunate enough to meet very bright minded people both among colleagues, clients and consultants.

I think I’ve been able to build a crew of professionals very near to the Leandro defined “dream team” (in Italian, sorry): we innovated a lot the production processes for web sites and applications and were also able to file some patents and produce bright product prototypes such as Mobup and Flash Voice. I’d say we were among the first to include Eye Tracking tests on interfaces in the production pipeline (for every interface we’ve built we tested each iteration starting from the paper prototype).

I also managed the internazionalization of the RnD team (helped also by the great Giuseppe Baroni at Innovazione+) raising interest from universities and labs in a lot of EU countries.

I had good years there and ejoyed a lot the projects I was involved in. But now (as Richard Florida says) is time to move to new experiences. And – after 10 years working in IT companies, I’ll completely change the scenario around me; but won’t say anything more till mid June.

If you like, we can meet at The Interaction Frontiers 2006 just to say ciao and listen to some cuttin edge talks.

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