Innovative uses of Eyetracking technology

UPDATE late 2009: the idea behind aDAMS has been successfully patented with number ITMI20050494

I’ve nearly finished to prepare the slides for my talk at the Innovation Expo in Milan this Thursday 16th (more details on time/location here): I’ll introduce aDAMS (anti-Drowsiness Alert Management System), an eye-tracker based system which continuously scans the driver’s eyes to evaluate her attention leve and properly activate a scalable alert.

After receiving the data we elaborate a series of analyses based on position of the eyes (mapping on the correspondent street target), size of the pupil, frequency of saccades, blinking activity, etc. etc.; the system also has networking capabilities in order to propagate the alarm. Being base on eye tracking means we’re using infrared light, thus being independent from light condition and being the HCI interaction absolutely natural, with no side effects to the driver.

I know there’s a bunch of other anti-drowsiness systems based on the use of similar technologies, but I pretty sure our systems outstands all the competitor.

Interested in? Curious? Drop me an email or come for a chat on Thursday.

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