Getting things done

Ok. Let’s say I’m plenty with things to blog, so that I’ll have to summarize a little bit.

Research: I had the Innovazione+ technical commitee meeting this wednesday and I have to say we came out with some REALLY interesting ideas to be presented to the next IST FP6 call. One of those is based on something we’ve been researching for the last couple of months to support ageing population (cannot say more, sorry); it’s going to be a tough competition but we’re really working hard to win those funds.

Interaction design institute: I’ve been invited today by Aram Armstrong to attend to the IDII thesis presentations next monday. I’m looking forward to listen to the Open Builder project by Vinay Venkatraman: a prototype of a tactile browser for sight-impaired people.
I’m also going to meet with Fabio Sergio for the second time in the same months, this is a guinness that’ll be partied with a Guinness.

I’m also managing a tough delivery for a whole site redesign. It’s going live tomorrow (let’s say: before tomorrow night). Some serious debug to be done. Damn.

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