Farewell matteopenzo/blog welcome Yellow Line

After something more than 3 years on Blogger I’ve now finally made THE decision.

The switching to the english language expanded my user base on one side (BTW since this is going to be an English blog, I’ve imported just the posts written in English), and my blogging activity on the other side. I also needed something that could automatically track my asides such as Flickr and could easily handle tags; something with a great WYSIWYG editor and a great free template base: I’m not a designer anymore, I’m not a CSS guru, I don’t have time to fine tune the Xhtml. That’s why I moved to WordPress for the CMS/engine side and to Squibble for the template (something on the frontend side will probably change as the time goes by).

I’m still a WP virgin, I certainly need sometime to browse/play with themes and plugins, for the moment there’s some AJAX magic on the comments and search engine thanks to Squibble.

The blog name also changed: you’re now enjoing Yellow Line (you can find more info on the name here). If you already subscribed to the feed just sit down and relax, I already managed Feedburner to point ot the new feed; if you haven’t subscribed yet, do it now.

The content receipt won’t change too much: just a little of personal life, Eyetracking, Innovation and Mobup.


P.S. Thankyou Simone for the WordPress installing and initial configuration and the FTP permission settings.

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