Crossing the Frontiers

This year I won’t write anything about Frontiers of Interaction 2007; I’ll choose for a humbler state of mind.

You have many options to know more on the results of the event:

  1. Take a look at what our blogger audience has written
  2. Watch this supacool video by Biccio/DOLmedia
  3. Watch at the UGC videos on YouTube
  4. Take a look at the Flickr shots

Just one last thing (HumbleMode=off): it’s been a HUGE success! :-)

Frontiers of Interaction 2007

When I first contacted Leandro with a proposal to produce an event on innovation, cool technologies and user experience back in 2005 I’d never ever had thought that it would be so successfull to be repeated for three full years.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome The Interaction Frontiers 2007 which will be held at University Bicocca in Milan on the 28th of June starting at 9 completely free for all (registration required – this year we also have a cool Bastard personalized t-shirt for our guests).

While the 2005 theme was user experience/interaction, the 2006 one was on new interactions, this year edition will be about The Internet of things: we’ll have mindstorm robots, human-like robots, ebook readers, nazbatag and all that sort of geekeries available for a try… you really shouldn’t loose them!

This year keynote speaker is Jeffrey Schnapp from Stanford University, a bright minded man who founded the Stanford Humanities Lab:

“a Center for Transdiciplinary/Post-Disciplinary Study. We discover fascinating futures to be explored in ignoring and crossing disciplinary borders.

With new developments in areas such as biotech, digital culture, global society, SHL believes that some crucial questions — about what it is to be human, about experience in a connected world, about the boundaries of culture and nature — transcend the old divisions between the arts, sciences and humanities, between the academy, industry and the cultural sphere.

We engage in experimental projects with a “laboratory” ethos — collaborative, co-creative, team-based — involving a triangulation of arts practice, commentary/critique, and outreach, merging research, pedagogy, publication and practice. We don’t just comment and discuss, we build: new media, interactive archives, predictive models of social change, new courses, collaborative research workshops, art exhibitions.”

With such a background we’re really entrigued to have him on board!

We’ll daily blog our progress on the event site; we already delivered the press release, next appointment is to fix the agenda and release A3 poster to you all. Stay tuned!

Frontiers 2007 related contest

At, together with Kallideas Group (which has chosen to be our sponsor this year too) and the Communication Science Department of the Siena University, we have published a call for paper to be submitted before the 2nd of April 2007 to take part at the “HumanLike Interaction Contest 2007″.

The papers will be selected by a jury with Patrizia Marti from Siena University, Fabio Sergio, Associate Creative Director at Frog Design and Giorgio Manfredi, Kallideas Chair of the Board.

You can download the call for papers here.