Forbes: innovative ideas from Florence to the web

Thanks to my friend Roberto Bonzio (of Italiani di Frontiera fame) Forbes today publishes a video interview to yours truly and my partner Leeander regarding Frontiers of Interaction (note: the innovation conference I founded and produce).

Here’s a snippet:

In this video, Matteo Penzo and  Lendro Agrò, Frontiers cofounders, explain Forbes their efforts since 2005, to build this unusual format, that  creates “an immersive experience featuring music, interactive and artistic installations, demo sites and keynotes”, an ideal venue “for thinkers and doers, innovators and academics, early adopters and long-term geeks”.


Learn from your errors. Even if you’re a software.

Those who know me have learnt how I like errors. Well not the error itself, but the new knowledge that failures generate (I’ve wrote about this here).

And, among all the fantastic speakers that showed up at Frontiers of Interaction 2011, the one I really felt as touching my inner cords was Zdenek Kalal: a researcher, he recently left EPFL to create his own start-up based on the algorith he has invented. An algorithm that teaches machines to learn from their errors to achieve success.

Don’t miss his performance at foi11!