Hacking drones (and opensource the code)

When I say that I love my job at frog design, it’s because I work with amazing people that constantly amaze me.

The drone race was an experiment literally born out of nowhere but inspiration and constant willing to challenge ourselves: starting from commercial drones to create a first-person real time multi-user race.

Bravissimi Simone and Ema; thanks to the entire Milan ID team for amazing #3dprinted shells and hand-crafted race track; and special thanks to Diego Biasi for bringing Parrot in.

If you wanna know how we did it, read the article http://ift.tt/29xFTDt if you wanna replicate it, get a couple of drones, an android phone and download the code we have open sourced here http://ift.tt/29Dv87j

War zones. And documentaries.

Among my Amsterdam adventures I would also include having a beer with (J F’s friend) photojournalist Harry Chun. He’s currently planning his next trip to a war zone to picture reality as it happens.

Given the amount of travel I do, and the massive shit happening everywhere I have a peculiar security protocol at airports (TL;DR: get you ass after security as fast as you can) and I was interested in his, given the enormous amount of risks he faces.

And I say I am risk versed. Heh.

He answered that sometimes he wears a bulletproof jacket. But most of the times he leverages luck, and having the right friends who can come and save your ass if things go south.

This is his work. Amazing.


The future of work. In Abruzzo.

It was since I was probably 11 that I put feet in the marvelous Abruzzo region.

So when the team behind Mondo d’Autore invited me on a panel with Luca de Biase (Nova, Il Sole 24 ore), Pier Luigi Sacco (IULM University) and moderated by Paolo Ottolina (Corriere Della Sera), I was more than happy to accept, and brought the family with me.

Amazing venue in the ancient streets of Sant’omero and a thrilling topic on the workers of the future.

It turned out to be a (veeeery long and) amazing road trip through suspended between the hills and the sea of central Italy. With great food, breath taking scenarios and amazing people met.