When Matteo runs

If it’s a while you read my posts on these pages you already know my love/hate relationship with running. I would not be able to live with out it, albeit I (re-)started almost by chance at the beginning of 2014.

This has been the best year ever for every of the data I measure. A very good progression; #mehappy.

Let’s take a look:

Distance run: 1286KM (was 850Km last year) – this is the real deal; especially with the life I live it takes constant effort in finding time to run. Record month was March with 160Km run in a single month (right, Giorgio Cordiner? :) An average of 107Km per month.

Time spent running: 111 hours 27 mins (was 75 hours 45 minutes last year). Again happy of how I managed this despite all my travels.

Altitude gain: 5212m (was 5398 last year). I hate running up/dowhill probably as much I hate running on the treadmill.

I almost ran zero races so I cannot comment my official pace; let’s just note down that it has improved to the point that I can without too much effort keep a race pace btw 4:40 and 4:45 min/km and moved my training pace down to 5 min/km. With fastest (single) Km at 4:22.

Looking forward to another year on the road.

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