Ciao 2017. Welcome 2018.

Grazie, 2017. You have been interesting. Before starting to look ahead, I need to look back at some hard and soft facts.

The trend of massive travelling initiated in 2015 increased further, topping over 200 flights, although moving from long haul to short/medium (nearly 100% of the flights were within Europe) and over 60 nights spent sleeping out of home. This influenced the places I most frequently visit, in order of number checkins I have airport lounges, cocktail bars and restaurants (ugh. I drink more than I eat?)

I discovered three new countries I have never visited before: Bulgaria, Lithuania and Portugal (and fell in love with Algarve).

I ran a lot. A LOT. Personal best in a 10K race (Milan Relay Marathon) closing it in 43′. Completed my objective of 1500 KM in a year, performing over 190 activities. As stubborn as I am once in a challenge, I had to successfully complete it BUT I now realize that (Giorgio, I know  ;)  the impact on my overall running has been bad. More fatigue, less fun, decreased pace and top speed.

I spoke at more than 10 conferences and private events in Europe and the Middle East. Still enjoying being on a stage. In love with what happens when you are off the stage.

New (learning) experiences, loads of new friend gained, some people I lost along the way.Lots of new Clients, and plenty of people made me proud.

My frog team grew further, we were able to differentiate outselves and spread the team(s) throughout the EU region both in business development and Client projects. My Frontiers team delivered two big events in the same year, proving the vision we created in 2015 is delivering upon its promises.

I have ben laughing a lot. Sometimes to tears. I shouted some times. I have not skied enough, but golfing frequency increased.

I kept asking a lot (too much) questions.

What’s next

Challenge for next year is mostly qualitative: I will run (at least) four races over a 10K distance, and I wanna improve my results race over race. (A wide) Overachivement would be closing the last one in 35′, I’d be happy with 40′. I have selected two of the races (Milan Relay Marathon in April, Alpin Cup in November. Both in Milan. Happy to get suggestion for the other quarters). I. Will. Train. Properly.

I cannot say whether 2017 was an happy year. Not interested in happiness per se. It for sure was an interesting year. That’s what matters to me.

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