Hacking drones (and opensource the code)

When I say that I love my job at frog design, it’s because I work with amazing people that constantly amaze me.

The drone race was an experiment literally born out of nowhere but inspiration and constant willing to challenge ourselves: starting from commercial drones to create a first-person real time multi-user race.

Bravissimi Simone and Ema; thanks to the entire Milan ID team for amazing #3dprinted shells and hand-crafted race track; and special thanks to Diego Biasi for bringing Parrot in.

If you wanna know how we did it, read the article http://ift.tt/29xFTDt if you wanna replicate it, get a couple of drones, an android phone and download the code we have open sourced here http://ift.tt/29Dv87j

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